At DSZ WAVE everyone who is interested in swimming is interested. If you want to learn to learn backstroke or want to place at the Dutch Championships, everything is possible. The only requirement is that you have a basic level of swimming (being able to swim 2 lanes of freestyle without too much effort).

There are no separate groups or teams. Of course everyone trains with others of a similar skill level together in the same lane, though. Everyone can come and train up to 5 times a week — no matter how slow or fast.

Four times a year, DSZ WAVE competes with the national student competition (NSZK). This is a competition open to students of all skill levels throughout the Netherlands. DSZ WAVE can also be found at the annual NSK, the more competitive version of the NSZK. DSZ WAVE also gives the opportunity to swim in other competitions and tournaments throughout the year next to the student competitions by providing official starting licenses. This allows swimmers to compete under the flag of DSZ WAVE at official swimming events.

Swimmers with starting licenses also get the opportunity to swim in the national B-competition with the other swim and waterpolo club we share our pool with, d’ELFT. This means that swimmers do not have to pay contribution to both clubs which has been the main reason a lot of WAVE’rs have decided to get a start license.

If you already have a start license at a different club, this is no problem. There are a couple WAVE’rs who still have the license at their home club but still train with WAVE throughout their time in Delft. In this case it is possible to join DSZ WAVE at the student competitions, NSZK & NSK.

For more information, contact our swimming commissioner via zwemcommissaris@dsz-wave.nl.

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