Water polo

To be in top shape for the competition, we need to practice. At WAVE we offer plenty practices to keep yourself in shape. We have practices for different levels of water poloers. We not only have our WAVE H1 that plays third federation league, but our WAVE H2 also plays third district league. Our amazing ladies WAVE D1 play in the second district and we also have a dedicated team consisting of beginning waterpolo players.

In addition to the standard swimming pool section of a training, a true WAVE water polo training also consists of a bar section. This means that, besides your muscles, you can equip your organs as your liver and train your brains. This beautiful bar is right in front of your nose if you walk out of the dressing room, so go ahead for the true training!



As a student swimming association we offer the opportunity to train five times a week during the week. In two different swimming pools in Delft these practices take place, namely the Kerkpolderbad and the Sportfondsenbad.

Our head coach a provides professional training buildup throughout the year, suitable for both beginning and advanced swimmers. This training is intended to be able to perform on the NS(Z)K. Together with the assistant trainers, the five practices are organized during the week:



The Triathlon branch of DSZ WAVE is a relatively new, fast growing part within DSZ WAVE. At WAVE we can provide practice and coaching for all triathletes (of all levels). Because the triathletes also swim with the swimmers, there is a possibility to swim from Monday to Friday.

For the other 2 branches of the triathlon practices are organized on Tuesday night. This varies between running, spinning and core stability.

Within DSZ WAVE, a mutual battle is delivered each year within a circuit. Five triathlons are selected each year where we will go with a group of WAVE’rs and try to impress and put a mark on the competition. At the end of the year, the best performer within the circuit is rewarded with a highly desirable title of WAVE’s Greatest Man and Woman.

In addition to training and the necessary triathlons, a practice weekend and a monthly (triatlon) dinner are organized. DSZ WAVE also participates in the Batavieren race every year.