Website expansion

Hi there web-designer/wizard/every other buzzword you can think of. We could really use your help for expanding our website. Currently, the website looks fine and functional and a lot of things can be found on it. Only things missing is a members-only part requiring a log in. With the members-only part we want the website to be even more convenient to use for the members, stuff like signing up for practices with only a single press of a button or being able to see who is going to each activity. There are plenty of other ideas and maybe you also have a great idea we could use that would add to the website.

Do you have experience creating a website (and specifically in wordpress, containing a log in part? Would be really nice to have) or do you have great ideas that could add something to the website? Send a mail to for more information and add that you are interested in helping out.

P.S. Just to make sure we are clear (Especially when you are not affiliated with DSZ WAVE in any way): This is not paid work.