WAVE General

DSZ WAVE is the student water polo, swimming and triathlon association for students in Delft. WAVE has about 300 members, many of which can be found every week in the pool. Pleasure and performance go hand in hand with WAVE, because regularly outside-the-pool activities are being organized in addition to sports activities. After most practices we share a drink at bar, so you have plenty of opportunity to get to know your teammates and other members!

Water polo players train three times a week. There are five water polo teams. Men 1 who are playing in the 3th division bond. Men 2 and 3  respectively play in the 3th and 5th class district. After a long time we are proud to say we also have a Ladies team added to our teams. The last team we have is WAVE 4. This team consists of ladies and gentlemen novice and plays in the KNZB Student Competition. Every year in Januari, WAVE organises its own tournament: the WAVE Winter Tournament. This tournament takes place two days and received many enthusiastic teams from the Netherlands and beyond. On the Saturday night a big party is hosted for all participants!

For swimmers, there is the opportunity to train five times a week. During these practices we are working towards the five best races of the year: the NSZK’s (Dutch Students Swimming Competition) and the NKS (Dutch Student Championship). Any level is welcome here and having fun is just as important as the performance. To good use, every match is therefore ended with a big party. In addition, the league association is also being attended by WAVE’ers (of course you can continue to do so at your old club) as well as various other competitions, for instance open water swimming and ice-swimming.

For several years, WAVE also has a triathlon group. These enthusiasts represent WAVE also on the bike and the feet. Besides the swimming training is regarding cycling and running practices. In the summer months there is individual and team participated in various triathlon competitions. Moreover WAVE organizes a swim-run in the Delftse Hout every year; a competition in which almost 100 participants start to compete over 500 meters of swimming and five kilometers running.