Waterpolo Teams


The first team of DSZ WAVE shows the essence of student life in Delft: striving for the highest level in different disciplines at the same time: studying, water polo and partying! This team trains hard without losing any of the fun of student life, and is the only WAVE team to play on a national level.


Since 2018 there is a ladies team at WAVE! This teame promoted twice in three years and are incredibly motivated to score well again this year! WAVE L1 is an active group with some nice team activities or just simple drinking a beer together in de bar after practices/matches. Do you want to reinforce this team? Come join us for a practise.


WAVE 2 plays in the third district league. Do you want to reinforce this team? Come join us for a practise or send an email to the water polo commissioner!


Do you like to play waterpolo, but do not have the time to play a match every weekend? Then join WAVE 3! This year WAVE 3 participates at the student competition (NSWK) in the first poule for more experienced water polo players. There will be 4 NSWK’s this year. During a NSWK you will enjoy a day filled with water polo, fun and beers! Do you want to reinforce this team next year or do you have any questions?


WAVE also participates in the student competition for beginners. Every beginner at WAVE plays for this team. This competition is especially suited for players who want to learn the game. In this way players can learn the game at their own pace. After that, there is the opportunity to play in one of the regular competitions.