DSZ WAVE is the Delft Student Swimming- Water polo- and Triatlon Association. Both university- and applied science students are welcome.

WAVE focuses on sport but we also organize a number of social activities, check out the following link for activities coming up activities.

WAVE activities are powered by it’s members in the various committees. Joining a committee is highly appreciated within the club! For more information, read the committee page.


WAVE is a competition swimming club, which means everyone is welcome, as long as you can swim. The level ranges from beginners to the national top level. Everyone can train five times a week. The practices are aimed at the five most fun competitions of the year, the Dutch Student Swimming Championships (in dutch NSZK, Nederlandse Studenten ZwemKompetitie) en the NKS (the Dutch Student Championships). The competition reflects WAVE in the sense that all swimming levels are represented. Don’t hesitate to join the competition days, the last day has a big party with all other student swimming associations. Beside the student competitions one can join the normal association competition of WAVE.

Water polo

This season WAVE will have three teams in the competition and one in the student competition (the student competition has four matches per year). DSZ WAVE H1 plays in the third class federation league, DSZ WAVE H2 in the third class district, DSZ WAVE L1 in the second class district and DSZ WAVE 3 plays in the student beginners competition. In short, we have room for everyone, experienced to fairly new. You are also free to just attend the practices and skip the matches (for the student competition).


Triathlon is a new, but fast growing section of WAVE. We offer a lot of training time as for the triathletes of all levels. The triathletes are welcome at all swimming practices. Of course there are cycling- and running practices every week, more information can be found by emailing tricie@dsz-wave.nl.


A membership costs €68 annually. Additionally an subscription from X is required (the sports centre of the TU Delft), which costs €130,- annually. In the membership, the costs for participating in the student swimming competition and team enrollment for the water polo is included.

Becoming a member?

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