Delft goes to Europe

At the 2022 Great Dutch Student Championships (GNSK), the men’s water polo team from TU Delft emerged victorious, making them the champions of the Netherlands! This team was primarily composed of members of WAVE. Winning this tournament has allowed the Delft students to compete in the European University Championships (EUC) in Miskolc, Hungary, from July 13 to 19, 2023. The delegation from TU Delft will once again consist mostly of WAVE members.

To help fund this incredible trip, the team will soon be launching fun initiatives to raise money, which you can find more information about on this page. Currently, the team has also started a GoFundMe campaign, and any contributions are appreciated. If you want to follow the team’s journey closely this summer, be sure to check out their Instagram account: delft_naar_europa.

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