Next to sports there are a lot of other activities organized by WAVE throughout the year. To make sure that all of these activities actually take place and run smoothly WAVE has a series of committees full of enthusiastic WAVE members who want to set up something for their friends. Any WAVE’er can join a committee, whether you’ve been with WAVE for a month or for years. This is one of the best ways to get to know people within WAVE and have a ton of fun doing it. If you have an interest in any of the following committees, let someone on the board know! This year WAVE has the committees:


The commission that organizes different activities during the year. The most notorious being the Christmas Dinner and the WAVE-weekend.


The Bar Commision! If you like to hang out in the bar you will definitely like the drinks organized by the BaCo. Most drinks have a theme or some activity to spice up your night, in any case they are always a ton of fun with friends! For further questions and/or remarks you can always email


The board of WAVE is supervised by the “board advisory committee” (BAR) consisting of old board members.


The BoekCie makes a yearbook that will be published at the end of each study year. If you have a nice picture, quote, story or something else you would like to share with all WAVE members, send an e-mail to and maybe your input will be used for the yearbook!


The treasurer is responsible of the finances of WAVE, but everyone makes mistakes now and then. That is what the Finzy is for. They check the accounts and ensure that WAVE remains financially healthy.


The TriCie organizes and coordinates everything associated with triathlons within DSZ WAVE. Three triathlons for the competition are selected, many triathlon related activities and the participation of in Batavieren Race are organised.


Organizes the NSZK in Delft every other year. This is an edition of the national student swim competition and of course is accompanied by a pre-drink and afterparty!


The FoetCie is the most delicious committee within WAVE. This committee makes sure that there is food to accompany many of WAVE’s activities.


In charge of updating and developing the web site. If you like the site you are reading right now, you’re welcome!


The WedCie is in charge of organizing and facilitating the swimmers who wish to swim in other competitions outside of the NSZKs. They are in charge of signing people up and making sure you can get where you need to be when you need to swim a race. If you would like to swim in masters races, limit races, and other swimming tournaments be sure to contact


It is often said that the Winter Tournament Committee is the best committee in WAVE. Everyone that says this is correct. This committee organizes a waterpolo tournament for all student clubs in the Netherlands in the first weekend of januari. Of course this means a whole weekend of partying, drinking, and of course the most beautiful sport of all: waterpolo! This committee that makes this possible is already busy in early October to make sure that there are referees, sponsors, a pool to swim in, lifeguards on duty, an amazing afterparty and bar shifts ready to serve you. After 3 months of hard work it all culminates to an epic tournament of upwards of 250 students.


Organizes the yearly run-walk competition where students from the entire TU Delft can participate and show off how fast they can swim across and then run around the lake in Delft’s woods. Of course there is a BBQ afterwards to celebrate such amazing feats of physical endurance.