Since this year DSZ WAVE has it’s own brand new bar; The Badtrand! Every Thursday evening all WAVE’rs are welcome at Brabantse Turfmarkt 9A to have a nice beer together. The location is located in the centre of Delft and can therefore be combined with the practices of that night. Everyone who hasn’t got any practice that night, is even more welcome! Every member of every sport is welcome to integrate with each other.


Multiple committees organize many activites during the year. There have been various themed drinks like the WAVE dies and the WAVE cantus. Once a month the Vreetcie organizes a fantastic meal, called Dolle Donderdag Diner!

The Badtrand also offers the option to hold your graduation drink as a WAVE’r. Former members will also be invited a couple of times a year to have a drink with each other.


So come and visit us to taste the atmosphere!

If you have any questions regarding the Badtrand, you can always send an email to the chairman/chairwoman via


See you there!