On the 14th of February 2019, DSZ WAVE opened the doors of their very own bar: The Badtrand! The
beautiful name it has, originated from the Dutch words: ‘badrand’, meaning ‘pool deck’, and ‘adten’,
meaning ‘chugging.’

Managed by its very own beautiful committee, the BadtCie, this bar opens its doors every Thursday
evening. The regular drinks are a great way for new WAVE’rs to meet new friends or for seasoned
(ahem… old) members to enjoy the little time they have left in our beautiful association with each
other, outside of the pool. Since people from every discipline within our association (swimming,
water polo and triathlon) go to the Badtrand, it is a great place to integrate with each group!

Aside from the regular drinks, our cooking committee uses the Badtrand’s kitchen to prepare a
phenomenal meal every first Thursday of the month! This special evening is called the Dolle
Donderdag Diner, or DDD for short. Annual parties such as the WAVE Dies and WAVE Cantus are also
hosted in the Badtrand. What’s more, all committees within DSZ WAVE may use the Badtrand for
their extraordinary activities so there are enough excuses during the year to go to the Badtrand ;).

Apart from the regular Thursdays, WAVE’rs can rent the Badtrand on Friday or Sunday for occasions
such as graduation drinks or watching a sporting event on the big screen!

Practical information
The Badtrand is located at Brabantse Turfmarkt 9A. To get in you cannot use the front
door by the road. If you walk around back and go through the fence, you can store your bike there.
Then enter through the big doors and take the first door on the left. Welcome to the Badtrand!

Furthermore, when joining the Badtrand, often pictures will be taken. If you do not want a picture taken of you and/or do not want to have it posted on Flickr, please let the board know beforehand. When joining the Badtrand, if not told to the board before the Badtrand drinks take place, we will assume that you give permission for pictures to be taken and for them to be posted on the DSZ WAVE Flickr.

If you have any questions regarding the Badtrand, you can always send an email to the BadtCie via

See you there!