Dear WAVE’rs!

It’s time for the next big swimming event of the year, it’s none other than the NSZK Leiden! Pack your swim bags, and let’s rush to the top half of the total score!!

Some information beforehand: we will kick off this weekend on the 19th of April at Bourbon Street (Noordeinde 44), from 20:00-01:00. As we have night trains going back and forth, we can peacefully sleep in our own beds and prepare for the next day, the competition! It will be held in Binnenbad de Vliet (Marie Diebenplaats 104), with the doors opening at 13:15, warm-up at 13:30 and the competition starting at 14:00. After that dinner will be served in the pool, and we are having Italian🤌. And lastly, the theme party! This will be at the NEXT (Langebrug 6A), from 22:00-04:00. The theme is 🏛️🦖 Ancient History! WAVE will represent the Sweet 60’s, maaaaaan…. and the party is closeby! No reason not to join;)

Competition: 7,50
Food+Party: 8,00 (not one or the other, you pay for both)

The deadline for sign-up is April 5th, if you have any other questions regarding the competition, reach out to me (06-81012682). Hope you’re just as hyped as I am, let’s make this one for the history books!

P34ce out,