Double practice on Wednesdays

Hi practice beasts,

As said in the promo, a new opportunity has come up. d’ELFT has opened up a few spots in their Wednesday practice (17.00-18.00) for some of us to join in and swim a double hour (by also doing the WAVE practice directly after their practice). In exchange a few of their swimmers will join our practice so they can do the double hour too.

To join this double practice there are a few requirements. You have to swim in lane 4/5 when normally swimming in Kerkpolder. If you join the hour of d’ELFT, you have to swim the second hour too, so you are swimming from 17.00 till 19.00. Otherwise please swim our normal practice only.

Lastly, I have two remarks on this. First, the two hours are two different practices. Second, if there are a lot of interested people I will have to make a roulation schedule, or do something similar to the normal practice sign ups. If you have filled in this form, and are therefore interested in joining, I will contact you about it as soon as I know what the plan is going to be.

I hope to have given you the information you need, if not, please contact me!