Back to the pools & more || COVID-19 update 19-05-2021

As I am sure you all heard, the pools are allowed to open. We are really looking forward to finally jump back in the water again! We just received the final go to start our practices again.

We will be going back to almost the same situation as we were before the pools closed; everyone has to keep 1.5 metres distance from each other at all times and wear a facemask on the pool deck.

Due to a technicality, trainers can’t verbally tell you what to swim. The instructions will be written on a whiteboard or paper.

Swimmers are allowed to sign up for  2 half hour practices per week. For the water polo branch the situation has changed slightly. Since we only have one water polo practice per week, water polo players can join one half hour swimming practice as well. This is further elaborated on in our practice protocol.

Please read the protocol to freshen up your memory. It can always be found on the website, under downloads.

Since there will be limited space in the pool, we will keep organizing dryland practices, but only on Tuesdays. You can find the protocol for dryland practices on the website as well.

With the new measures we are also able to have our own running practices again. They will be on every Tuesday as usual. We do need to pay attention to the 1.5 metres distance, but that should not be a problem. And don’t forget to sign up for each practice on the website.

We hope we have informed you enough. We are excited that we can continue practice and assume you are too! Please make sure you have read the whole protocol before coming to practice.

For now we can say: See you at practice!

On behalf of the 31st board of DSZ WAVE,

Kind regards,

Doesjka Nederhof
Secretary DSZ WAVE