For who: Everyone!

In the Netherlands there are in total eleven different student swim teams. Al these teams compete in one competition (NSKZ). Everyone who is a student can compete in these matches, the level of swimming is not important. On these competitions you will meet students from other universities which swim at you level, whether you’ve just started or you have been swimming all your life. Because these matches are part of a competition there will be points to be won in these competitions. At the end of each competition a score will follow and at the end of the year we will know who has won the competition. Last year WAVE finished as 3rd. This was an extraordinarry prestation. This year we are going for such a good prestation as well.

Apart from the NSZK matches every year a Dutch Student Swim Championship will be held (NSK). In these competitions all swimming students from the Netherlands will compete for medals and the title of Dutch Student Swim Champion. On this competition again everyone can join, no matter what you level of swimming is.

The NS(Z)K competitions are more than just swimming. After the actual swimming there will be a good meal and a great party. The party is always worthwhile, so definitely a good idea to join us for the next student swim meet!

In season 2015-2016 the NS(Z)K will be swum in the following order:

Wedstrijd Waar Wanneer
NSZK I Delft 24 oktober 2015
NSZK II Leiden 28 november 2015
NSK Eindhoven 20 februari 2016
NSZK III Maastricht 16 april 2016
NSZK IV Enschede 4 juni 2016