Waterpolo Teams


”Sportsmanship and sociability are the main pillars underneath WAVE 1. We are fanatical water polo players. Last year we just became second in our league. This year we are setting this straight of course. This year we have a fresh new trainer from Hungary: Daniel. He is determined to form a solid team. Apart from this, getting a drink together is important too. After practices or games we often follow up with drinking a beer. Out of my own experience I know that this can continue until deep into the night.

So what are you waiting for? Join us for a practice.”

Patrick, player of WAVE 1

WAVE 1 plays in the third bond class. Do you want to reinforce this team next year? Send an email to Davy (polocommissaris@dsz-wave.nl).


WAVE 2 plays in the third regional class. Do you want to reinforce this team? Come join us for a practise or send an email to Davy (polocommissaris@dsz-wave.nl).

Can you play polo but also beer? Then join WAVE 3! This team competes in the most chill regional class. The bar is always open when WAVE 3 is in the building.

Ladies 1 

Since this year there is also a ladies team at WAVE. This is an active team what is going for promotion this year; so are you an female who likes to go for a goal with a team join the Ladies.


WAVE also participates in the student competition for beginners. Every beginner at WAVE plays for this team. This competition is especially suited for players who want to learn the game. In this way players can learn the game at their own pace. After that there is the opportunity to play in one of the regular competitions.

Do you want to play in this competition or do you have any questions? Send an email to Davy (polocommissaris@dsz-wave.nl).