Bar Kerkpolder

Kerkpolder is our home base

WAVE and d’ELFT both call Kerkpolder home: we swim and waterpolo in the pool and drink a couple beers in the bar afterwards. Both boards have concluded that within our clubs sociability and club spirit dominate the conversation, however at one point there was a threat that this might not be reciprocated between the clubs. Luckily, the two boards have remained good friends and thought it important to remain in close contact about relations between the clubs. As always, communication is key and the boards are dedicated to make sure this communication remains amicable and frequent.

From past discussions a couple of important agreements have come forth:

1. We determine the tone together:
Respect each other and if something does not sit right with you, discuss it.

2. Keep the club and bar friendly and clean:
Refill the bar after your shift, grab a broom and clean the floor, make sure the bar and tables are washed with a cloth.

3. Only the members of the current bar shift may serve drinks and refreshments:
Even if you know where everything is and how it works, the bar shift members are solely responsible.

4. The bar closes at 1:30 AM so that the bar is clean and everyone is out of the building at 2:00.
If the building is not shut by 2:00, security will have to come by and the costs will be forwarded to the club responsible.


On behaf of both boards,
Sander Quirijns
Ineke van Boven