WAVE Weekend (1st – 3rd of June)

The WAVE weekend is going to be the most amazing weekend of this year. This weekend is coming closer and closer, this year from June 1st till June 3rd. A weekend with your amigos, having breakfast with ‘lauwe schulties’ while watching the rising sun. During diner with your mates discussing how glittermagical (‘schittermagisch’) this WAVE year has been. Add to this exciting adventures that are most likely going to stick with you for the endurance of time itself. You do not want to miss this…

The location will be announced later, however, we can already clarify that it will be less than 128 km away. Apart from that: we will not be sleeping in tents, but with a roof over our heads.

The price is expected to be about 40 to 50 Euro.

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Do notice that we will buy one type of beer for everyone (either schultie or Amigos), it's just that we want to count the votes for each type

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