Ice Swimming Races

As by now the blue-green algae has disappeared from the Delfse Hout, we can swim again, YAY!! Now why would you go into such cold water you may ask? Well to prepare for the Ice Swim Races of course. This year we will be going to two races: The Amstel Ice Swim on december 30th in Amsterdam, and traditionally we will also join the Dutch Open Championship in Volendam on january 19th.

As enrollment for the latter opens on the 11th of November, we do not have a lot of information yet. But if you fill out the form below we will contact you as soon as the info is available.

Beware that Ice Swimming is a risky sport. Therefore we want you to at least have trained this once before joining the competition, also never go swimming in cold water on your own. We will organise some practices that you can join.